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The work of the technical support service at RELEX is based on ISO standards, providing a structural process approach in resolving incidents/problems/queries, and warranting high quality of support according to the Service Level Agreement.

This document sets the rules of providing commercial technical support services and regulates the conditions for offering those services.

Terms and Definitions

Technical support helping our clients, partners and developers to work with RELEX products successfully. Technical support may include diagnosing and eliminating the factors leading to improper functioning or full/partial inoperability of the software. The work may be performed offsite or onsite..

Technical consultations and technical support are provided free of charge during 6 month after acquiring the license and thereafter if a technical support agreement is signed.

Technical support services of the selected level are provided to all who sign a technical support agreement during the agreement term, provided that the agreement conditions are observed.

If possible, free technical consultations are provided to those who wish to acquire a license, and to those who are testing demo versions of RELEX products.

Technical consultations and technical support are provided assuming that the representative of the customer who is using the software has studied the documentation delivered with the software package and/or published at www.linter.ru, and has the skills necessary for using the software.

Otherwise RELEX reserves the right to refuse consulting and technical support services.

Order of rendering the services

Solving the problem and transferring the solution to the client

Delivery of updates


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