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RELEX Technical Support Service conducts full informational and technical support of all DBMS Linter versions: Bastion and Standard.

In this section you will learn how to get information on using the product and how to contact the developers in case of incident/problem/question.

To get the information on how to use the product, use the following sections:

  • Documentation (learn all capabilities of the system and how to use it)
  • FAQ (get answers to frequently asked questions)
  • Personal area (access the information that may be of interest to you; the information is recommended by the Web site administration depending on the user category you have chosen)
  • Subscribe to news (get the news feed by e-mail)

To contact the product developers in case of incidents/problems/questions associated with the use of the product:

  • Contact technical support (report a problem associated with the use of the product and discuss it via the computer-aided service support system)
  • Order a demo version (order a distribution of the DBMS version for a particular OS if you have not found it in the Download Center)
  • Ask a question (consult the RELEX team on DBMS Linter)

We use our best efforts to provide the reliability of RELEX software products and the top quality of service we offer our clients.

Technical Support Agreement

After the free technical support term expires, we offer our clients to make a technical support agreement.

RELEX Group offers 2 levels of service: Standard and Exclusive..

If none of the typical support levels are suitable for you, you can define the set of services that you need.

If you are already using one of the service level, you can alter your service options or select a different service level.




Technical support is provided by RELEX Group according to the Technical Support Regulations currently in effect. It is highly recommended to read the Regulations before ordering technical support services.

If you have any questions regarding the RELEX Technical Support Service, please phone us: +7 (473) 2-711-711 or e-mail us at support@relex.ru.

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