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History of Creation and Development

The history of DBMS Linter goes back to 1980, when the relational data processing system history was still in its infancy.

By 1983, as part of a government project, Voronezh design center «Systemprogramm» developed and successfully implemented DBMS BARS for the real-time OS RAFOS (prototype of RT-11) for “SM EVM” computers.

In 1985, the developers of the system accepted the mobility, compatibility and openness concept. As a result, by 1990, DBMS INTEREAL was created. The system was compatible with most hardware and software platforms used at the time: from «Elektronika-85» computers and Intel 8086 management modules to computer complexes based on SM1702 and «Elektronika-82» and their prototypes from the VAX family.

In 1990, the DBMS development team founded the research and development enterprise «RELEX» («Relational Expert Systems») with the idea of creating and using state-of-the-art database technologies. The first commercial version of DBMS Linter was developed at that time.

Since 1994, several directions of DBMS development were pursued. Besides the commercial version of Linter, special versions including those for the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs were developed as part of government projects.

In 1996, the nationwide information analysis system (NEVOD) based on DBMS Linter was implemented for the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Since 1997, DBMS Linter has undergone regular certification by the Russian FSTEC (Federal Technical and Export Control Service). The current versions of DBMS Linter are certified as compliant with Level 2 data security requirements and Level 2 of undeclared capability absence control. VNIIRA-OVD, a division of the Saint-Petersburg Radio Equipment Research Institute (VNIIRA), has been using DBMS Linter in air traffic management systems.

In 1999, a unique data access method used in DBMS Linter was patented.

In 2001, DBMS Linter was acknowledged one of the best Russian software programs by Computer Press Magazine. The specialists of Kurchatov Institute selected DBMS Linter as the database server for nuclear reactor control systems

In 2002, DBMS Linter entered the Asian market. The negotiations in Voronezh in which RelexUS took part ended in signing a long-term agreement with the Japanese company Brycen, marking a new stage in the product development.

In 2004, DBMS Linter was acknowledged «Product of the Year» at the annual IT expo «SofTool». Surgutneftegaz started using DBMS Linter as the database server in the water supply department management system.

In 2006, was distinguished by PC Magazine and conferred the title «BEST SOFT 2006» in its category.

In 2007, DBMS Linter was included in the Red Hat certified applications list. The official Web site devoted to the product (www.linter.ru) was launched.

In 2009, DBMS Linter was given the title «BEST SOFT 2009» by PC Magazine for the second time in its history. RELEX added new products to the Linter line: Linter BASTION, Linter Real Time, Linter Standard, Linter Multiversion.

In 2011, 30 million licenses for the embedded version of DBMS Linter were sold in South-East Asia. Linter BASTION, the secure version of DBMS Linter, was certified by the 8th Department of the Russian Military General Staff as compliant with Class 3 data security requirements and Level 2 of undeclared capability absence control.

In 2012, DBMS Linter Bastion was certified by the Russian FSTEC as compliant with Class 2 data security requirements and Level 2 of undeclared capability absence control.

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