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This section describes the advantages of the DBMS Linter product family that make it stand out from the systems of the same class.

Multi-Platform Capacities

DBMS Linter runs on over 20 hardware and software platforms, and has the same interface on each of them. Applications developed on Linter can easily be ported to other operating systems. Linter supports transparent interaction between client applications and the database server functioning in different hardware and software environments.

The use of Linter in developing multi-platform applications allows you to easily support new operating systems, thus attracting new potential clients for your business.

Real-Time Functions

One of the areas in which Linter can be truly considered a leader is real-time operation. Among the operating systems supported by Linter are QNX, OS-9, VxWorks, OS/9000 and OS RV.

Linter is used as the database server at nuclear reactor control, diagnostics and security systems, air traffic management systems, oil-and-gas production enterprises etc.

The minimum size of the running Linter kernel (if the SQL translator, procedures, triggers, full text search and some other facilities are disabled) is 900K. With the system size of 2-4Mb, the DBMS kernel has all the functionality, and minimum cache is used.

Resource Effectiveness

Linter works well with limited resources. The system is convenient to use in case the database server must occupy a small constant memory size and keep high performance, fault-tolerance and rich functionality.


Linter allows creating applications in which the DBMS is installed and configured automatically, requiring no actions from the user. The DBMS transparent for the end user and requiring no administration and setup will simplify the tasks of IT specialists in your company and reduce the cost of your software.

Unprecedented Data Security

DBMS Linter provides a unique level of data security. This is the only DBMS in the world certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense as compliant with Class 2 and 3 data security requirements (respectively) and Level 2 of undeclared capability absence control.

Linter’s data security level allows using the DBMS in systems working with state secrets and top secret information. The data security package implemented in Linter provides compliance with Federal Law 1520FZ (certified by the Russian FSTEC), making it possible to use Linter in personal data systems up to Class 1 inclusive.

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