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Privacy Policy


Security of the visitors’ personal data is one of the main tasks of the RELEX Group Web site administrators. RELEX Group (hereafter, RELEX) guarantees the safety of confidential information entered by the Web site users. This Privacy Policy outlines the measures taken by the Web site administrators when processing your personal data.

Getting Personal Data

RELEX gets personal information from users when they fill in interactive Web forms on our Web sites (registration/authorization forms, feedback forms, or special forms like “RELEX Software User Satisfaction Questionnaire”). Personal information is any information somehow identifying the user, i.e. surname, e-mail or phone number.

Using Personal Data

Personal data entered by users is used to register their visits and actions on our Web sites, to carry out Web analytics, to administer and develop our Web sites. Personal data may as well be used in public materials of RELEX, but only with the user’s prior approval Information entered by the users may be used in the public materials of RELEX in the following cases:

  1. if, when filling in a Web form, the user checks the box to allow using his/her personal info in public materials (see example).
  2. 2if the user personally confirms that his/her personal information may be used in public materials (this confirmation may be given to a member of the RELEX team in writing or by e-mail).

Using Non-Personal Data

RELEX Web site administrators reserve the rights to gather non-personal information, e.g. about your visits, actions, pages browsed etc. The administrators also reserve the right to gather standard information sent by your Web browser to RELEX Web sites, e.g. IP address, Web browser type, language, time spent on our Web site etc. For the sake of convenience, Web browsers use cookies (small text files located in a special directory on the user’s hard disk). RELEX Web site administrators use cookies to collect non-personal information about the users to control the Web resource use and to provide convenience to the Web site users. The data collected using cookies cannot be used to identify Web site visitors, to publish personal info or to infect your computer with harmful programs (viruses, Trojans etc.).


This Privacy Policy is related to information gathered by the RELEX Web sites. The Web site pages contain links to third-party Web resources, and RELEX is not responsible for the privacy policy used at these third-party Web sites or for the absence thereof.


RELEX Web site administrators reserve the right to modify and update this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at info@relex.ru.

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