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RELEX presented DBMS Linter at the 5th International Forum “ITOPK-2016”


On May 17-20, at the international forum “ITOPK-2016” (“Information Technology in Defense Industry”), the RELEX team presented a technological platform to adapt applications to DBMS Linter, and spoke about the competitive advantages of Linter.

In the “Import Substitution” section, Lead Developer of RELEX Alexey Seleznyov made a report on the application adaptation technological platform and its testing by migration of a Russian ERP system from Oracle to DBMS Linter BASTION fully developed in Russia. The platform was developed by the RELEX team to migrate software using commercial foreign databases to the domestic DBMS. Now it is possible to adapt existing applications to working with DBMS Linter in less time and with less expense.

The software package includes:
  • source software analysis tools and data migration tools;
  • business logic (stored procedures, views, triggers etc.) migration tools;
  • testing and version control tools;
  • business application setup tools for working with DBMS Linter with minimum changes of the application source code.
Today’s topical issue, migration to domestic software, caused a lively discussion. The “Import Substitution” section participants listened to dozens of speakers and discussed multiple questions. The most heated discussion was caused by the question whether software working exclusively in a foreign software environment may be considered domestic. As it is known, about 80% of the software included in the Russian National Software Register runs on Windows, Oracle and MSSQL. This issue became one of the central ones for the discussion participants, arousing fierce disputes from the opening to the closing of the section.

In the section “Information Security in the Defense Industry Complex”, Roman Barkalov, Development Manager of RELEX, presented the report “Import Substitution as a Strategy to Reach Information Security”. In his speech, Roman brought up a difficult question: whether it is safe to entrust your data to software developed using open source products. It is commonly known that open software was originally created by enthusiasts for educational purposes, but then the development course changed, and large corporations and government organizations became the major open source developers. Fully testing the source code of a serious software product is extremely difficult, if at all possible, therefore we can only hope it does not contain any third-party parts. Meanwhile proprietary software does not pose such threats, as a particular legal entity is fully responsible for the development, implementation and support.

The forum hosted an IT solutions expo whose participants were over 20 large companies. The RELEX booth attracted the attention of hundreds of visitors. The company’s specialists answered lots of questions and discussed dozens of potential projects. For RELEX, the forum resulted in successful negotiations about possible migration of some domestic systems to DBMS Linter.

The ITOPK forum is one of the major events in the defense industry. This year the forum included 14 sections welcoming almost 1300 representatives of 32 Russian regions. The forum delegates were specialists from 312 defense industry organizations and over 40 development companies.

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