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DBMS Linter and Raspberry Pi Advancing the Internet of Things


RELEX Group successfully finished testing the Russian DBMS Linter on Raspberry Pi, the most well-known microcomputer.
RaspberryPi  is a single-board microcomputer originally developed for computer science training. However, the project became popular and widespread further on thanks to its computation capacity and compatibility with various software allowing the system not only to transfer data, but also to process the information received. Today RaspberryPi is widely used in application and system development for the Internet of Things.

The RELEX team successfully tested the Russian DBMS Linter on Raspbian, the OS traditional for Raspberry, and is ready to offer a joint solution. Since Linter is a fully functional general-purpose DBMS but does not require much disk space or memory space, it has great prospects on IoT platforms: from smart home to smart enterprise systems. «The capabilities of DBMS Linter on Raspberry Pi platform are diverse. Our product can be used in various fields and task classes: CCTV, medical data monitoring, industry process automation and control, driverless car computer system etc. The advantages of DBMS Linter are its full functionality and low resource requirements. As to certified data security, one of the main pluses of Linter, we can offer several implementations of Linter for embedded systems, e.g. for defense industry. It could be a DBMS for combat robots, or a database server of video stream acquisition, processing and transfer for unmanned vehicles,» comments Roman Barkalov, Development Manager of RELEX Group.

The release of the Russian DBMS Linter with full transaction support for single-board microcomputers opens new prospects for companies working on the dynamic IoT market.

RELEX Group is open for cooperation with application and system developers for the Internet of Things.

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