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DBMS Linter on Russian Platform “Neutrino-Elbrus”


On April 19, 2016, at the “QNX Technologies and Secure Real-Time Operating System “Neutrino” seminar, RELEX presented a report on the successful porting of DBMS Linter to the Neutrino-Elbrus platform. The report materials are based on the preliminary test results that demonstrated the performance of Linter on the Neutrino-Elbrus real-time platform. 

The seminar for professionals in design, development and support of embedded and real-time systems is organized annually by SWD Embedded Systems. This year, over 100 experts took part in the event. The reports presented at the seminar focused on the QNX real-time platform development tendencies, Russian QNX-based secure operating systems, and the future of modern Russian mission-critical hardware platforms. Nikita Pechenkin, Lead Developer of RELEX, made a report “Russian DBMS Linter on Neutrino and Neutrino-Elbrus Platforms” in the “Software” section.

The report focused on the features of DBMS Linter that enable the system to work effectively on real-time platforms:
  • cost-effective use of resources;
  • stability of resources used;
  • possibility to limit resources;
  • fault-tolerance;
  • asynchronous interface;
  • query priorities;
  • event mechanism;
  • pre-translation of queries.
To demonstrate the capabilities of DBMS Linter on Neutrino-Elbrus, an air traffic management system prototype was presented. At present, full-scale workload testing of DBMS Linter on the hardware-software platform Neutrino-Elbrus is in progress.

Neutrino-Elbrus is not the first real-time platform that DBMS Linter supports. OS RV, VxWorks and RTOS-32 are among the real-time platforms that Linter is available for.

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