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Russian Visual Control Platform Luxms BI Integrated with DBMS Linter BASTION


The information analysis platform Luxms BI has successfully been integrated with the Russian database management system Linter BASTION. The integrated solution is ready for use and will allow companies not only enhance their business processes by interactive visualization, management “drilling” and detecting deviations from standards and plans, but also make a transition to software fully manufactured in Russia.

«The database management system Linter developed by our company is fully compliant with the requirements imposed by the Russian law, – says Roman Barkalov, Development Manager of RELEX Group. – The DBMS has recently been included into the Russian Software Register. What we offer our clients is not only a domestic DBMS that solves the import substitution problem, but also a high-quality software product that meets the current data processing and security requirements from the corporate level to the top secret level». We hope that the integrated solution incorporating Luxms BI will enable many companies to increase the efficiency of their business».

«The integration of our visual management control platform with DBMS Linter increases the number of software products fully developed in Russia, – says Maxim Rozanov, BI Project Director of Luxms. – We are happy with the cooperation results and do not plan to stop. Russian executives do need a convenient tool to control the key characteristics, and the number of projects currently implemented proves this».

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