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DBMS Linter Distribution Update


In the «Download» section, the DBMS Linter Standard and BASTION (kernel 6.0) distributions for Windows (х32, х64), Linux (х32, х64) and QNX have been updated.
Besides the elimination of errors and addition of optimizations, the following modifications are included in the updated distributions:
SQL language functions added: REGEXP_LIKE(source_char, pattern [, match_param ]), MONTS_BETWEEN(date1, date2), NUMTODSINTERVAL(value, units), TO_DSINTERVAL(string), TO_CHAR (number, format, nls_specification); 
LOCALDATE function added to the procedural language;  
-onprompt  parameter added to inl (allows outputting the prompt symbol (SQL>) even during multithread work);
the table schema can be exported to inl  as sql to create the struct[ure] tab[le] name table; 
lhb script language behavior changed: 
o if several events are scheduled for the same time, the more rare event will be initiated;
o if the operation time of some rule does not allow starting other rules, the other rules will be suspended (and then restarted), and the rule that did not have the time to work will be ignored;
/COMPATIBILITY=BROWSE_BLOB kernel parameter added. In this mode the current selection row is locked automatically if the selection contains BLOB.

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