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DBMS Linter BASTION at Skolkovo Cyberday 2015


The conference “Skolkovo Cyberday 2015” took place at Skolkovo Hypercube on December 17, 2015. It was the first conference in Eastern Europe devoted to topical issues of information security technology development. Skolkovo Cyberday 2015 gathered the leading experts in this field, as well as representatives of state authorities, mobile communication providers, banking institutions, payment systems, digital agencies, investment and corporate funds and mass media. As part of the agenda, the industry leaders had round table discussions focusing on the future of the digital world and information security.

Along with the conference, an exhibition of innovative projects was held. RELEX presented DBMS Linter BASTION, a special-purpose database server providing unprecedented security of the information processed. The DBMS is certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense. In the first place, Linter BASTION is intended for use in the departments of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Internal Affairs, security agencies and companies working under the government defense order. At the same time, the DBMS Linter BASTION user community is not limited to government clients working with secret information. This DBMS Linter version is often selected by commercial companies who are concerned with the safety of confidential information and personal data of their employees.
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