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DBMS Linter BASTION Successfully Tested on ReactOS


The RELEX team successfully completed the testing of DBMS Linter BASTION on the ReactOS operating system. The tests showed that Linter performance on ReactOS is 10-15% higher than that of Windows XP on the identical hardware configuration. The problems in the OS detected during the testing were promptly eliminated by the development team through active involvement of the Russian foundation “ReactOS”. 

Linter database RELEX ReactOS

The relational database management system Linter is developed by the Russian company RELEX. The DBMS is certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense and recommended for use at military enterprises, in government systems and in special hardware and software packages for processing state secret data.

ReactOS is an initiative of creating a free open-source alternative to the operating systems of the Microsoft Windows NT family fully compatible with the existing drivers and software. The NT architecture has always been flexible, and its long-term domination in the computer industry caused Windows NT operating systems (including Microsoft Windows 10, the latest OS produced by Microsoft) to become the most widely supported.

Company Profiles
RELEX Group is one of the leading Russian software vendors in the field of data security, storage and processing RELEX has been on the IT market since1990.
Corporate Web site: www.relex.ru.

ReactOS Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes the ReactOS project. The goal of the ReactOS project is to create an operating system with binary compatibility with applications and drivers developed for the Windows NT family. For this purpose, the ReactOS Foundation actively supports the project developers. In particular, the foundation organized the ReactOS community as a platform for communication and topical discussions.
Corporate Web site: https://www.reactos.org
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