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RELEX Conducts a Training Course in DBMS Linter Administration at the KROK Training Center


RELEX in cooperation with KROK’OK Training Center offers you a training course курс «DBMS Linter: Administration». The course is intended for professionals in the area of databases. The course will be conducted by a training expert from RELEX. On completion of the training program you will receive a certificate. The duration of the course is four days. The training cost for one person is 20 000 rubles. 

Apply for the program at KROK’OK Web site. 

DBMS Linter is fully developed by the Russian company RELEX. The system uses the SQL standard, runs on most operating systems, including Windows, and supports various versions of UNIX and real-time platforms (QNX etc.). The DBMS is certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defence, and guarantees solid security of information at all levels, from “personal data” to “top secret”.

Program Content
  1. DBMS Linter Overview.
  2. DBMS Linter Administration.
  3. Specific Features of DBMS Linter and Linter SQL Language.
  4. Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  5. DBMS Linter Security Model and Security Complex.
  6. Using the DBMS Linter Security Complex.
  7. Multi-User Work in DBMS Linter. Providing Reliability. Transaction Mechanism.
  8. DBMS Linter and Real-Time Facilities.
  9. LinAPI Library.
  10. Embedded SQL Pre-Compiler Overview.
  11. Asynchronous Replication.
  12. Customizing DBMS Linter Access Interfaces.
  13. DBMS Linter Architecture (Bonus).
  14. Error Correction (Bonus).
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