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Linter database will be part cross industry software package


DBMS Linter will be a part of software package, which the IT consortium shall develop.  The consortium currently unites the leading Russian software development companies: Technoserv Group, SDI Solution, RELEX Group, Fidesys, OPTIMENGA-777, and some specialized scientific and engineering centers.

The goal of the consortium is to develop a cross-industry software complex (CSC) to integrate engineering software subsystems and industrial enterprise management systems at different levels: process integration, service integration and data integration. PLM как отечественных, так и зарубежных производителей CSC is a cross-platform solution with open architecture that allows step-by-step integration of PLM components developed by Russian and foreign software vendors.

CSC includes the following components:
  • Semantic MDM corporate regulatory reference information management system;
  • Technosphere integration service platform;
  • Timeline technical process CAD system;
  • work and material standardization system;
  • computer-aided engineering complex including the systems OPTIMENGA_AERO and Fidesys;
  • domestic DBMS Linter.
The engineering program complex integrational platform will make it possible:
  • to integrate engineering applications and bring them to production step by step;
  • to reduce the labor intensity of PLM components development by unifying the regulatory reference information management services;
  • to develop the engineering software complex faster than any of its imported counterparts by using innovative technologies in the sphere of corporate master data management;
  • to comprise cutting-edge domestic CAE developments in a single information space for storing, exchanging and representing engineering data;
  • to provide scalability of the project by centralizing the corporate reference data creation and support services in management companies of industrial holdings and corporations.
The CSC project implementation implies step-by-step deployment of the domestic engineering software complex whose components integrated with the corporate MDM system “Semantic MDM”, and the operation results of all applications are displayed in the unified interface of the integrated service platform “Technosphere”. At every project stage, integration solutions and functional systems will be developed, and integration mechanisms with new functional subsystems – engineering software and other IT components – will be enhanced. 
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