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RELEX Group and GLOBUS TELECOM Signed a Cooperation Agreement


RELEX Group and GLOBUS TELECOM (an affiliate company of Rostelecom) signed an agreement about cooperation in the sphere of software and information system development.

As part of the key areas of partnership outlined in the document, the partners successfully conducted tests for compatibility of their information systems:

  • DBMS Linter BASTION developed by RELEX
  • SKIT, IT infrastructure monitoring, support and operation complex built by GLOBUS TELECOM.
To conduct the testing, the partners rigged a stand at the technological site of GLOBUS TELECOM. The companies’ specialists used a set of workload and functional tests to analyze the overall performance of software applications and the correctness of the systems’ functioning in case of emergency.

The test results confirmed the compatibility of the software components of the companies’ products, and showed the possibilities of using the integrated solution in automated complexes that manage the information and telecommunication structure of organizations with strict data security requirements.

«The use of DBMS Linter provides a new level of information security in the resources of the IT infrastructure automatically obtained and analyzed by SKIT, – said Sergei Rybakov, IT Director of GLOBUS TELECOM. – Besides, the domestic origin of our products opens great prospects for their use in government organizations and companies with special requirements to information security».

«Information security and development of domestic solutions able to provide the technological independence of our country are among the topical issues today. We actively work with Russian developers to integrate their software packages with DBMS Linter, – commented Vitaly Maximov, Deputy General Manager of RELEX. – Our partnership with GLOBUS TELECOM is an important step to resolving information security issues and creating competitive Russian products. We are confident that the cooperation with GLOBUS TELECOM will be a valuable experience to both parties and draw attention of government organizations to the information security issues and, which is still more important, to the development of a Russian technological platform independent of import».

Information about the Companies:

GLOBUS TELECOM, Ltd. (affiliate company of Rostelecom, Inc.) is a communications provider offering a wide range of communication services and innovative solutions mainly to government organizations and large-size corporate clients.

GLOBUS TELECOM has its own modern telecommunication infrastructure in Moscow. The company built and implemented a digital area of the Moscow telephone network.

In 2013, the company received state accreditation for activities in the area of IT in the Russian Ministry of Communications. GLOBUS TELECOM has experience in the development and implementation of innovative solutions in computerization of government organizations.

For more information, please contact:

Irina A. Krylevskaya, PR Director, GLOBUS TELECOM, Ltd.

Phone: +7(495) 980-00-89; +7 (926) 240-29-40

E-mail: i.krylevskaya@globus-telecom.com

RELEX Group is one of the leading Russian software vendors in the area of data security, storage and processing. RELEX has been on the IT market since 1990. The company is a member of the IT cluster of Skolkovo Innovation Center. RELEX offers services in application and system software design, development and support.

DBMS Linter BASTION developed by the RELEX team is certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense as compliant with the Class 2 information security requirements and Level 2 of undeclared capabilities absence control. This allows using the DBMS in government systems and special hardware and software complexes designed for handling state secret data. The information access methods and certified security algorithms implemented in DBMS Linter provide efficiency, high reliability and protection in case of hardware failure.

Contact information:

Inessa Yuryeva

Marketing Expert


119, 20-letia Oktyabrya St., Voronezh, 394006, Russia

phone: +7 (4732) 711-7-11

fax: +7 (4732) 778-333

e-mail: inessa_yuryeva@relex.ru

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